Open Source, .NET, J2EE, XML, Oracle 9i /10g/11g/12c, Identity governance, Sharepoint . These technologies are meaningless unless employed in the context of solving your toughest business challenges. At GFSS, we don’t sell you technologies, platforms, or applications. Instead, we offer you ways to harness the power of technology to cut costs, drive revenues, understand and strengthen relationships with your clients, or streamline operations. Our services have as much to do with thinking and planning as they do writing code. We seek to understand your business before we transform it. Our approach is deliberate, thoughtful, and tailored to each client’s needs. And we welcome complexity–in fact, we thrive on it.

Data Quality Management:

Data Quality has become a growing concern for most organizations. In the past, corporations built systems in a silo approach, looking at data requirements with one application process in mind. Recent studies have identified the competitive advantages of integrating data from these silos. However, as organizations begin to integrate these silos, inconsistencies in data definitions and associated business rules emerge. Therefore, Data Quality has become a leading obstacle for successful integration. GFSS offers:

  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Archeology
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Warehousing

Managed Services:

Information Technology (IT) outsourcing allows clients to operate their core business while GFSS manages their technology needs. GFSS provides IT services and solutions for small and large systems, networks, and enterprises. GFSS offers many technology services, including the following:

  • Custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs) development
  • Custom application program interfaces (APIs) development
  • RDBMS (development, data distribution and replication)
  • Data Warehousing
  • DBA activities

Systems Integration:

Many companies face inefficiencies caused by systems that don’t work well together or need to work together for the first time. GFSS can integrate existing systems, integrate and deploy third-party software, or build a new, fully integrated system that will automate a business process. Our services include:

  • Applications Support
  • Systems Design and Development
  • System Requirements
  • Systems Implementation and Training

Technical Interviewing:

GFSS only hires the best and brightest IT consultants. We know how to identify the cream of the crop by asking pointed technical questions that test both theoretical and practical knowledge. As a service to hiring managers and staffing professionals, GFSS can provide assistance in screening or interviewing IT candidates, adding a layer of technical sophistication to the process. In addition, our consultants are available for both long- and short-term projects and would be happy to sit down and discuss any business problem in need of a technical solution.